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DS: All Sold, Thanks! WTB: Jewelry Jelly JSK!

Feedback --->
There is more feedback in my journal :)

-Prices includes Priority shipping for US only, I am not shipping international ATM
--I'm interest in selling, but will look at trades as well. I'll look at anything with full back shirring
-Paypal only please, I accept e-checks but I will wait for it to clear before shipping
-Since I work part time and go to school full time, I will give you an estimate of when I can ship. Usually it's 1-3 days :)
-Priority goes to the one with the highest offer!

I have a Bodyline Fruits Parlor OP in PinkxPink colorway. This print is actually my ultimate dream print, I feel in love with AP's but would never fit so I had to settle for the replica. There is a rip near the waist ties though, not on the fabric itself but the threads became loose and the an inch of the zipper is coming undone. Other than that, it's in great condition. The previous owner before me wore it a couple times, and I've only tried it on inside the house. I come from a pet free smoke free home and keep all my lolita close in a plastic cover.

Max bust: 43"
Max Waist: 36"
I would really recommend not going above that, otherwise the front part gaps too much and looks unattractive.


I'm sorry for the crappy picture, my camera wasn't cooperating when I wanted to take a close up of the rip. If you want more pictures, don't hesitate to ask!


I'm also looking to buy some Jewelry Jelly with full back shirring in the Black or Pink colorway. Please note that I will only look at those with full back shirring. I'll consider looking at other colorways :) Please show me what you have!

I also have a Maxicimam Parfait print here >

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions~!
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