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SS Available: Sugary Carnival Re-Release! [FULL]

✦ Hello there, fellow Lolitas! ✦

I'll be at SF AP's Sugary Carnival re-release on Sunday (April 3rd) and will be available for a shopping service.

I have no interest in Sugary Carnival at all (I just want to go to RinRin's party!), so you can get the full set.
I prefer to sell as a set but I will be willing to split if there are buyers for all.

WARNING: I don't know if we can mix and match colors of items, so I may have to get you a different color than what you asked for.
I'll try and get the color you want, but if not, I'll go with the more popular color (LAVENDER with 2/3 slots) or with whatever is left.
✦ Cost: ✦
Price of Item(s) + 20% SS fee + shipping

OP: $340
JSK: $330
Skirt: $230
Socks: $50
Headbow: $50
These are rough estimates only.
I require a down payment covering the price of the item before I buy it for you.
The 20% SS fee covers PP fees for the two invoices, too.
✦ Slots: ✦
OP/JSK/Skirt: shiho_star
Socks: starryfeet
Headbow: pixie_late
✦ Form for Placing Order: ✦
Item Interested In: 
Preferred Color: 
Back-up Item: 
Paypal Address: 

✦ Thanks everyone! ✦
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