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DS/DT: Infanta Milky-Chan Applique Replica

 Though it pains  me that as this is my first lolita piece, I really don't wear this much anymore, so I'm getting rid of my Infanta Milky-Chan Applique JSK in black. The dress is very nice and fully lined, been worn a handful of times. The bow on the shoulder strap is detachable, and it includes a broach. There is slight discoloration on the pink lace. I believe it is from black on the dress bleeding when I washed it, but it is not very noticeable. It would not show up on my camera pictures. The only other damage is one of the pins on the pearl broach is broken, but it would be very simple to fix.

Bust: 36
Waist: 29
There is no shirring, but it could probably go about an inch or so smaller or larger.

I would rather trade this for something else, (I lean towards sweet, so please only make offers for sweet things), but I'm willing to sell if I can't trade it. I'm thinking $70, but feel free to make offers.

Stock photo:

There are no bows on the straps like shown in this photo

Proof pictures:

Here's a link to my feedback:
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