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GO: US Based Bodyline Group Order

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This GO will be open from (3/28) until next Monday(4/4) at 8pm CST or until there are 20 people. All correspondence/orders need to be at the official page at community.livejournal.com/egl_group_order/176699.html so it can be kept track of.

6/20 spots taken

-Be sure to read this through. If you ask a question that's already addressed here, I'll simply refer you back to the information below so you can familiarize yourself with the terms.


1. Go to the bodyline site and pick out what you want.
2. Fill out this handy little form and post to the group order page.

Item Type:
Link to Item (make sure this link leads to your item):
Your city and state or country:
Paypal Email:

You only need to use the lines that apply. For instance, if you're getting a phone charm, no need for "size". If you have 2+ items, just use the first 4 lines.


You have 48 hours to pay starting from the time/day I send you a PM notification that you've been invoiced. Or the end of the GO if you're international. If you pay late and miss the order, I will refund you, excluding the split shipping cost because if someone drops out, I end up paying their part, since I can't invoice everyone again to cover it.

I decided to try letting non-US members join on these terms. International participants must send a personal payment unless their feedback score is 30 (I know it seems high, but it's risky to send packages out without tracking) or higher because these packages can't be tracked with first class international, but I will save the receipt for proof of shipment. This isn't negotiable, unless you pay the extra 11.50 for tracking. My feedback score is over 70 and perfect.


US- Your invoice will include shipping to you and a $2 GO fee (unless you are picking it up locally, in AL) and 4% paypal fee. Any shipping surcharges over $1 will be refunded to you. I'll be using USPS Priority for things over 13oz and USPS first class for under 10oz..

Outside of the US, your GO fee is $3, and your paypal fee is 5%. first class international will be used. Tracking is another 11.50. I can mark your stuff down to $20 and as a gift.

Process after the GO has ended

1. A tracking number will be given as an update on EGLGROUPORDER

2. Shipping will be finished within 3 business days of delivery

- If you have any questions or suggestions, put them in the comments section and in case someone else is wondering the same thing, they can see the response. I can't answer any questions about products/sizing, just the GO itself
-If we are hit by customs (Has never happened and probably won't happen) , the cost of the fee will be split equally and paid before items are shipped to participants. If I get a bill later on down the line instead of right away like they do sometimes for customs fees, you're expected to pay your part of that.
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