sweeth_cafe (sweeth_cafe) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN Seller: tamtamchanfan FOUND HER!!<3



So.. Hi!

I am searching tamtamchanfan from who i bought the country sweets dress.

23.2 Paid first payment

15.3 Said that i can pay another payment, but she didn´t answered for couple of days

17.3 She answered to me and i payed right away the rest of sum.

18.3 Said that she would ship it out in 5 days

25.3 Ask from her when she ship it out but she didn´t answered yet

I saw a couple of days ago and she was trying to buy something, but she didn´t answered to me.. i am pretty sad and angry now... So please if someone know about her anything tell me! And please if she is buying from you something don´t sell it to her before she is answered to me! I begging from you to do that!<3

I hope i will find her 8'<

Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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