hime_diru (hime_diru) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: AP tea party shoes(pink, L) and SS shoes(pink, L)

-I have feedback here.
-I live in Sweden.
-PayPal only

I want to trade my Secret Shop shoes:
 On pupe.
I bought them here so I'm the second owner, they're used but in a okay condition. (I can take better pictures of you want to)
They're in L but I think they're pretty big for being a L so I would say it fit a smaller LL.
I want to trade them for another SS(or some other shoes) but in another color, white, black, blue, purpel, yellow..anything except pink will work!

And I want to trade or to sell my Tea party shoes from Angelic Pretty.

On pupe.
Got them this winter but I think they're little to small so I want to trade them for a size bigger(LL), it can be pink or black.
I bought them new and is worn about three times so they're like new!
If I don't find someone to trade with so I would like to get about 1400 SEK(155 EURO)
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, secret shop
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