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DS: White Bodyline high heeled shoes size 22.5, and various accessories!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my post ^_^ Up for sale is a pair of White Bodyline Shoes size 225 or 22.5! Equivalent to a size 5- 5 1/2 in US.


Payment: Paypal ONLY. First to leave their paypal email, first dibs. Questions are welcome :] USA buyers only right now for these shoes. When leaving your pp address, put it like this "youremail[at]yahoo[dot]com" for your protection :]

Shipping and Handling: Is added to the total, with tracking # and pp fees. The shoes will be shipped in a Priority USPS box. Also, it's finals week for me, so my responses may be laggy. From 3/28-4/1 Whomever purchases these shoes, I'll be shipping them on Saturday 4/2/2011.

Measurements: My feet are normally a size 4...but I wear a size 5-5 1/2 in Bodyline, 22.5 or 225. The heels are 9cm high, and the platform base near the toes are 3cm.

Condition of shoes:
I have worn these shoes several times, like 2-3 times. Bought them 2yrs ago and are in still pretty good shape. There is a scratch at the top at one of the shoe, and a few scuffings from normal wears and when I have received them from the website. I've decided to let them go since I don't wear them a lot like I thought I would. Please give these shoes a good home and wear them frequently like there's no tomorrow! I shall be cleaning them more off before shipping them off<3

Allergy Caution: I have a pomeranian, but he doesn't touch my stuff :P

Asking Price w/ shipping and pp fee: $40

Photos are taken as much as possible to true color with some natural lighting.


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Offer ends 4/1/2011

Thankies a bunchies for looking~
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