kyu_oba_rokku (kyu_oba_rokku) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: simple black cardigan + black head eating bow

              Summer is starting in South Texas and with the temperature reaching over 100F on most days, I have to start figuring out how to create a cooler wardrobe.

I'm looking for a simple black, short sleeve cardigan that can work with lolita and casual outfits. I'm a US size small and am looking for something under $50.
I'll also consider cardigans with detachable sleeves.

I'm also looking to buy a black, cotton, head eating bow that lies flat rather than this type that "stands up"


I  just signed up for egl feedback, so I don't have feedback on egl yet
 but I do have 100% positive ebay buyer feedback. Below are links to both.

Tags: !wtb, any brand
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