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!DS: Classic/ Sweet Pearls (White, Black, Pearl Pink, Blue, and Multi-colored)


Here are some Classic/ Sweet pearl necklaces from the Philippine Islands.  They were brought back by my dad 10 years ago and I only had one occasion to wear one of the strands. 

Each strand is about 18 inches long.   There are two blue strands, two black strands, one multi-colored strand, one white strand, and one pink strand.

The pink strand has an ordinary clasp.  The blue and black necklaces have special gold plated clasps.  The white and multi-colored strands have silver clasps.

On  the multi-colored clasp, the pearl overlay is missing but the rest of the necklace is in great shape.  (see photo)

Here is a link to my feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/197890.html

Each blue and black, as well as the white and pink strands are $25 plus shipping (please give me your location for exact shipping costs). Shipping within the United States shouldn't be more than a few dollars. :D Due to the damage on the multi-colored strands clasp, it costs $20 plus shipping.

The earrings in the photo with the blue necklace are not for sale!

Thank you for taking time too look at this post!


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