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Pie (Manon Marguerite)

!DS Emily Temple Cute Mermaid OP, Bodyline Skirts + Blouse

> Payment via paypal
> Please ask for shipping costs.
> Prices are in AUD
> Will Ship next business day after receiving payment
> Animal and Smoke free home
> I'm not responsible for lost packages if insurance is not purchased.
> Items go to the first person to leave their paypal & willing to pay full price
> Feel free to make reasonable offers
> Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/190178.html

Item 1 emily Temple Cute Mermaid print in PINK
Price: traded
condition Perfect, never worn by me, I can't find any flaws, it is a gorgeous dress but this style of OP just doesn't look good on me :(
Size This dress has NO shirring. It will fit B: 80-88CM and W: 66-71CM


Print: http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa464/minstrawberryskies/image-16.jpg?t=1301354298

Will trade for the JSK version.

Item 2 Bodyline Flocky Rose/ Hounds-tooth skirt
Price: $40AUD + shipping
Condition The skirt is in perfect condition, bought new and worn twice. I still have the original lace-up string if you want it.
Size Waist: 66-78~CM Length: 48CM


Item 3 Bodyline Punk Polka-dot Skirt
Price: $30AUD + Shipping
Condition: Like new, bought from BL Tokyo in '07 and has been worn once.
Measurements: Waist: 60-65cm
Length: 40cm


Item 4: Bodyline white sailor blouse
Price: on hold
Condition: Perfect condition, worn two or three times, comes with detachable sleeves.
Measurements: Length 51cm
Bust 91cm
Shoulder width 36cm
Sleeve length 66cm
Short sleeve length 26cm



thanks <3

Tags: !ds, bodyline, emily temple cute
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