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DS!: antique skeleton keys, purse, mini hats, socks


Hello! Welcome to my sales post.
-US buyers have priority but I am willing to sell to outside buyers
-I don't have any pets or smokers in my house
-Shipping is not included in sales price. Please ask me for an estimate.
-Please ask me question if you are unsure of anything : )
My feedback page:

-------------------------------Proof of Ownership-----------------------------

1. Offbrand black lace corset purse $15

Front view

rear view with lacing

zipper view.  very sturdy, can hold a wallet, cellphone and makeup or misc.
good for ero or gothic (imo.)
2. Offbrand Red and black over the knee socks. I tried one on but it did not suit me, unfortunately. Like new. $5

the color is true red not orange like the photo. My camera could not capture the red.
3. & 4. Hoshi designs mini top hats. handmade by a dealer at a convention. very cute and detailed but I have nothing to wear them with.

^black with white skeleton prints on it. The skeletons are sparkly. $5

^cardsuit floral print. black and white with red ribbon trailing off of it. $6

both tie on with ribbons like you would a bonnet. (I can provide more photos if needed)
antique skeleton keys. I bought these back when I collected skeleton keys. These could make beautiful pendants for a gothic or classical when put on a chain. Most are a tarnish or bright silver color. $5 each.

^ example of true color and detail.
6.Pheasant flower hairclip. Handmade by me. Brown, black, mossy and rust colored feathers with a copper wire flower and white rhinstones. $5 

previous sales:

Thanks for looking!



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