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DS/AFC: Gothic / Steampunk Lolita jewelry

   - SHIPPING for small pieces (jewelry) is 4€ (5.35$) worldwide without insurance or 6€ (8$) with insurance - if you live in Germany it's 3,40€ with insurance.
- Payment via Paypal
- all jewelry pieces are direct sales, but I'm also available for commission.
- You can find my feedback here
- Prizes are listed in Euros (€) and $. Please note that I convert the prized using google, the value can change daily. The paypal invoice I send you will be in € and Paypal might convert the prizes differently.
- Please see the measurements to make sure that the pieces are as large or small as you expect.
- You can find more handmade pieces in my online shops on DaWanda, etsy and vondir (vondir is German only)
-Older sales posts: here and here

Cameo or rose hairpins, 4,50€ (6,33$) each or 8€ (11,25$) for a pair

Winged Brooches, 12€ (16,90$) each

Peacock brooch, 12€ (16,90$) (also available in antique brass)
Steampunk Butterfly necklace, 20€ (28$)

Cameo ring 8€ (11,25$)
Rose Cameo Ring 8€ (11,25$)
Rose Cameo Brooch 10€ (14$)
Tags: !afc, !ds, handmade, indie brand, offbrand
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