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DS: Innocent World and Fanplusfriend


-Prices are in US$.
-Payment is by Paypal preferably. Fees are included in the price.
-Priority goes to the first person who comments with their Paypal address.
-Shipping is not included. Please ask for a quote. I need the postal code for Canada, state or postal code for the US and country for international. Please note that shipping is expensive for overseas, especially shipping with tracking.
-I ship from Canada and by Canada Post only.
-From a pet free and smoke free home.
My feedback
-Measurements are of the garment and unstretched, I may indicate an approximate range when the item is shirred.

-Trades/partial trades: Look in my wishlist. I'm interested in classic only. I generally fit in Innocent World size L and Juliette et Justine size 2. I am particularly looking right now for classic boleros in the following colours, in order of preference: pink, bordeaux, brown, beige.

Innocent World Aphrodite jumperskirt-long-pink

IW page

New with tags. Only tried it on. The bow on the collar is missing and was removed, it came that way to me. Lacing on the back permit adjustment. I'm around 92 cm in the bust and I can wear it, but there is no space left for a top.

Bust: 92 cm
Waist: 74 cm
Total length: 108 cm
Skirt length: 58 cm

Price: 100$

Innocent World Chandelier skirt-grey

Picture of the back

Grey fake wool fabric with black flocked print. I wore this three times and I am the original owner. In excellent condition, it's really gorgeous. Small panel of elastic in the back.

Waist: 60-68 cm
Skirt length: 55 cm

Price: 130$ ON HOLD

Fanplusfriend bloomers-black

Fanplusfriend page

New with tags, I have only tried them on but I cut the ribbons because they were too long, like shown on the original Fanplusfriend pictures. There is some loose threads that I didn't cut.

Size UK 12/US 10
Waist minimum: 54 cm
Waist maximum (hips):100 cm
Inseam: 26 cm
Total length: 56 cm

Price: 12$

Tags: !ds, fanplusfriend, innocent world
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