candy_influence (candy_influence) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Meta,swimmer,Putamayo and offbrand. WTB (bodyline house bag) D/S and D/T

  • All prices have basic shipping included. Add £2 on if you want tracked shipping.
  • Please feel free to haggle as I want this stuff gone as I am moving.
  • If you want to traid I am open to that. I like CLASSICAL and GOTH loli items. No pink (unless in small amounts in a print). 
  • my feedback page can be found here:

Putamayo skirt:
£28 shipped to UK/Europe
£30 to international
waist: 24 inches
length:18.5 inches

Shirt: sale pending
£12 to UK/Europe
£15 to international
It says its XS
bust 32
waist 28

small fault with the lace of the back which is unnoticeable:

UK size 4 (23)
Only work a few times, no noticeable damage.
£25 shipped to UK/Europe
£30 to international

Size UK 4
£18 shipped to UK/europe
£23 international

Swimmer headphones:

Now both are broken. Only one ear works in both. I have seen people request swimmer headphones broken on this comm before. So if your interested in them just comment or leave me a message we can discuss prices.

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