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Cute and cheap sweet jewelry/accessories+ Disney princess key chains ! everything under $10 *

*** will do holds for a $1 non-refundable deposit only ***


+priority goes to whoever can pay first
+if I invoice you  please pay within 24hours or I will leave negative feedback

Shipping :
Shipping is $2.80 for any order within the US ( $0.50 per extra item)
Shipping is $3.00 for any International order
( $0.50 per extra item)

Specials !!!
**buy $24.00 worth of stuff and get a free gift+ free shipping within the US **
**buy $24.00 worth of stuff and get a free gift+ $3.00 shipping worldwide **

hing is handmade by me/ all art is drawn by me (art on keychains and on pins)

Lollipop Clips
$4 each

Double Star rings
$4 each


Shooting Star rings
$5 each

Macaron rings

$4 each

#17 pending payment

$5 each

Misc rings
lightning rings $2
star rings $3
star+lightning rings $4

$ 4 each

Rilakkuma cell charms
$4 each
(more than 5+ available)
buy both plus get 2 pins  for $10

Cupcake rings
$6 each

felt donut cellcharm or brooch

cupcake necklace


Macaron necklace
$5 each

Lollipop necklace
$ 6

shooting star necklaces
$6 each

Cupcake necklaces $7

Double star necklaces $5

small $1
large $2

$1 eac

Disney princess keychains/cell charms
$3 each
buy the set for $14

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