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DS/DT: small brand necklace lot, size 10 montreal shoes

Feedback here- http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/942519.html

I never wear this stuff, so I figured I'd throw it at you guys. Maybe it'd suit you better. :) I accept only Paypal and I'll ship internationally. All prices include S+H for US residents. If you're out of country it's an extra $2 for the necklaces, and $6 for the shoes. :) Thanks ladies!!

Metamorphose velvet and pearl choker. 45 cm long- $33

fanplusfriend vivienne westwood knockoff necklace. 56 cm long - $17

Montreal Pink and white sweet lolita platform shoes. US sz 10 - $35 OBO
I only wore these to try them on when I recieved them in a trade. They aren't my thing, so I'm passing them on. I didn't see any flaws on these shoes at all. The bottoms have a little bit of debris from when the first owner walked in them, but otherwise no notable damage.

Tags: !ds, !dt, fanplusfriend, metamorphose, montreal
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