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!DS: Prices cut on reposts, and new items added! Make offers! Still have a WTB/WTT

My EGLfeedback Page
- Please Note that my Sales Policies have recently changed, and shipping rates for the US have increased again.
The Basics:
♥ Prices are in US Dollars.
♥ I ship from Pennsylvania, USA.  Always with Tracking.  Yes, I combine shipping costs!
♥ All items come from a smoke-free environment!  I live with two cats, please be aware if you are highly allergic.
♥ If two people are interested in the same item, I will decide who gets it according to... who posted first, highest offer, who is buying multiple items, whoever will be easier to ship to, etc.

Payment & Returns:
♥ I accept PayPal!  (non-cc, please)  If you are comfortable with sending payment that is appreciated, otherwise let me know where to invoice you!  I DO NOT charge PayPal fees.
♥ I will accept checks, money orders, and MoneyGrams, but please understand that I cannot ship your item until I have your payment in my hand.
♥ Usually no trades unless I say.  Haggling is allowed!
♥ If you can't pay right away, please let me know.  I will not do holds.
♥ If an item is being returned to me it must be shipped back unused, then I will gladly refund the price of the item(s), minus my original shipping costs.

You as a Buyer:
♥ Ask questions before you buy!  I'll be happy to help you with color description, sizing, more pictures, etc.
♥ After buying contact me via PM or E-mail with any concerns, or to resolve an issue.
♥ Please leave feedback for me, and I'll do the same for you!
INTERNATIONAL:  I'm happy to deal with overseas buyers, however right now the only shipping available to me is Priority mail.  This takes a week or so to get to most places and includes tracking, but is pricey.  $14 for small items to most places, around $25-30+ for anything larger - just warning you!

WTB: I am still looking for a specific BtSSB ring, and looking for boleros/cardis. See here for specifics.

Measurements that I take are with the garment lying flat, you'll probably want to be a bit smaller than the measurements for the best fit. ^-^
Shipping is not including in these prices, please leave me your location (if outside the US) or zipcode (within the US) for price quotes. Small items can go by First Class for lower rates.


White (BtSSB replica?) Heels:

Backs | Soles | Sides
Info: Size 24cm, may fit 24.5cm just as well. TVA brand
These pretty things are a size too big, and they just won't work for me. They are completely new, only tried on, no dirt, scuffs, anything. I believe they are modeled after older Baby shoes? They tie around your ankles, best worn shots are from their listing here.
Price: $50 $45 $40

Black & White Lace-trimmed Shoes:

Top view | Sides | Backs | Soles | nick on inside of heel
Info: Size 24cm, Montreal brand
In my opinion these are some of the nicest shoes made by Montreal.  They are chunky and sturdy, but not too heavy.  I only wore them once for photos and to a dinner.  From that they have one light scuff on the toe of a shoe, and a nick in one of the heels.  Otherwise, perfectly flawless - they still smell new!  I had dreamed of using these in a pirate coord, but I have to stuff the toes like crazy, and that's no good...
Price: $50 $45 $40

Dressing Up Shoes - Red:

Sides | Back
Info: Secret Shop, size M = PLEASE NOTE: these are from the first batch of these shoes, which ran a bit smaller than usual.  If you have a narrower foot or aren't quite a 23.5cm foot, this was great news...  I personally have slightly wide feet and went ahead and bought them anyway.  They seem to have stretched just enough to fit me fine, even wearing socks.  Still, you should be aware!
These shoes are super cute and make your feet look so dainty!  The double gem chains can be removed from the straps.  I think the bows could be slipped off of the straps, as well, but the others are permanent.  Very lightly worn, great condition, rare color.
Price: $55 $50 $45

Want to Trade Anarchic Kitty Shoes:

Info: I have Size 7, I'm looking for Size 6 (Real Leather shoes)
These are used, they have scuffs. I bought them used, and they were expensive even then!
Otherwise looking to sell for $30!!

Pink Patent Pumps:

Back/Heels | Bottoms | Sides
Info: This are US size 6, and a little too narrow for me. Wore them just once, and realized that I have to give them up. Flaws: A few tiny scuffs (they arrived like that..), and the odd coating that was on the soles peeling off. These are sitting in their box! Not real leather, lovely stitching details and round toed.
Price: $25

Spring Green Slide Sandals:

With Flash - side view | Bottoms
Info: Bought secondhand and never wore... really cute grosgrain bows! Perfect for summertime, and will look good with sweet, classic, country, etc... Very good condition. US size 6.
Price: $10

Pastel Pink Butterfly Sandals:

Sides | Bottoms | Back/heels
Info: These are US size 4, but my foot is 23cm long, slightly wide, and these are some of the comfyiest sandals I've ever had! Simply selling because I have so many pink sandals. The butterflies are accented with glitter!
Price: $8

Ship free along with purchased shoes.

OTK Black & White stripe Cherry socks: Tried on, washed on the delicate cycle, just like new - $15
Purple Stripes, Cats, Candy Corn - $5
Pink & Black - $8
Buckled Spat Leg Warmers, small: stay up fine with or without the buckles, but only for skinny legs! info Worn once, just like new - $16


Hair Items:

Large Black Rose Corsage: this is silky soft! Has an elastic pony tie at the back, as well as a pin, so it could be worn on your clothes. Besides holding hair back, it makes a lovely decoration for your wrist! (used once) - $5
Ivory Hairbow with White netting: tags removed - $5
Purple Hairbow with Black netting: new with tags - $5
Cinnamoroll Hair Snap: cute little Sanrio guy, only used 1-2 times - $2
Mini Tiara: cute, flawless - $7

Ribbon Roses: Corsages for Hair, Shoes, Bags, Clothes!

Info: These are big, and very versatile! Perfect for hime, classic, sweet, even gothic~ Imagine adding some ruffled lace underneath for the perfect hair canotier. Please note that the blue rose left in it's packaging had the alligator clip break off the back. It could easily be fixed with craft glue. =) All of these roses have been put back into their original packaging since the photos were taken.
BLUE - both available
LAVENDER - both available
RED - 1 available

Price: $5 each or $8 for a matching set of two.


Cupcake Studs w/ Pink Crystals: $3
Bow Earrings: all clear rhinestones - $3
Pink Heart CZ Ring | Info: Size 6, shows a lot of wear - $3
Cream Bow Ring | Info: Size 6, all plastic. Band shows wear, 3D bow does not - $5
NEW Tea Themed Earrings: Close up | Info: These are self-made, approximately 2 1/4 inch in length. Never worn. I made these using pewter tea pot charms that are flat-ish 3D - detailed on both sides! The other beads are Czech glass facected crystals and pearls. Sophisticated and dangly! = $8
Faux Pearl Strand - $5 $3.50
Necklace of Giant Pearls: this is heavy, glass pearls! - $10
Coral Pink Strawberry Necklace - $5


Charmmy Kitty "Alice" Tote:

Info:  This small velvet tote is from the rare "Alice" theme.  It is covered in intricate beadwork and embroidery, satin lined~  Brand new with tag that shows the original price was $18!  I also have the matching marker pen and post-it note gift set if there is any interest~
Price: $15

Charmmy Kitty "Lace" Purse:

Back | Inside
Info:  This smaller purse is done in deep berry shades - faux suede and leather!  Has a cute lace-punched emblem on the front, embroidered with Charmmy Kitty.  Appears to be new without tags... never used by me.
Price: $15

Hello Kitty Chirimen Crepe Purse:

Back | Inside
Info: Pretty purple purse with embroidery and simple closure. Lightly padded all over. One small stain near button on front, otherwise just like new.
Price: $12 $10

Hello Kitty Sailor Set:

Back | Inside
Info: The purse in this set has been used, the wallet is brand new with the tag attached! The purse seems to have faded a bit - the trim is not as shiny gold, and the blue is slightly lighter, but doesn't detract from it. Love the unexpected hot pink lining! It is a roomy size that can fit lots of daily items.
Price: $35

Hello Kitty Skiing Set:

Back | Insides
Info: They're fuzzy, they're glittery, they're great! This set was very gently used, with just a few brown marks around the edge of the wallet. Once it is in the purse there is only room for the basics - cell phone, lippie, keys, etc. Both are lined with neat dot material, and the purse has an inner zip pocket. The fur snow on both items creates a pocket! And check out those cute pink pompom zipper pulls~ Perfect combination of winter style and color.
Price: $30

Hello Kitty Stripe Wallet:

Back | Side/Zipper | Inside
Info: Such pretty colors - new without tags. The purple embroidery has a metallic sparkle to it~ There is a loop for a tiny pen or short pencil inside, and I love to easy-access coin pouch!
Price: $12 $10

Selling to domestic USA buyers only, sorry! Will consider selling to overseas buyers, as I have 1 box on hand big enough for customs forms... will fit one or both parasols inside!
These can't be combine shipped with very bulky items, but smaller things are good to go!

NEW WITH TAGS - Metamorphose Blue Swan Parasol:

Closed - True Color | Closed - Handle Extended | Open | Tags
Info:  This is a really great parasol by Meta, it works in rain and sun with UV protection!  It is a slightly smaller size without being too small, and the handle collapses for further ease of transport and practicality.  The fabric is a very pretty blue, printed with their logo and swans on one panel, and dots over all the rest.  Meta shipped it to me in a plastic bag, so I'd definitely say it is sturdy (I'll be shipping it in a box, however)!
Price: $45 $40

Natural White Battenburg Lace Parasol:

Inside/frame | Closed
Info: Nice full-sized parasol, only used a handful of times in the summer. Comes with a protective sleeve, in pristine condition. Not good for rain, not UV-repellent. About 27" long in total.
Price: $19


Michelle Palmer "Day at the Beach" Border Print:

Size Reference Border runs on one side, the rest is blue with shells and starfish over it.
100% Cotton / 44" Wide - $10 for the 2 yard piece

Blouses | Cutsews | Cardigan | Full Head Hair Extension Set | Gloves ~ Make me offers!
Dresses | Skirts

REPOST: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/14644461.html
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