Imaginary Alice (imaginaryalice8) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Imaginary Alice

!WTB: Fancy melody Pink Jsk, Fancy Melody Jullery, Bags, Socks.


I am looking for the flowing Fancy Melody accessories in Black only (Pictures not mine, please ask for me to take them down if they are yours!):

I am looking for the flowing accessories in Pink only(Pictures not mine, please ask for me to take them down if they are yours!):

I am also looking for cute music themed earrings, and bracelets with pearls, that match this set. Eather in BlackxWhite or PinkxWhite. Also interested in music themed Deco supplies.

Its a long shoot, but I am looking for angelic Pretty's Fancy Melody Jsk in pink:

Will also look at the OP, Only interested in the pink colorway though.

I am looking for thease socks by Meta in Black x White or White x Black, or a like pair of socks

If I cant not find thouse, Black x White OTK socks are required:.

I am looking for any brand, as long as they are black and white, and OTK, I am a sucker for pocodots, harts and bows but will look at everything.

Looking for an all wight and an all black bag like:

Open to all suggestions, must have shoulder strap.

Thank you! Have a nice day :3
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, metamorphose
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