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!WTB/DS! looking for accessories to match my dresses /selling a handmade JSK with reductions


EGL feedback

Hello everyone! recently ive noticed i dont have many accessories to match my dresses so i took a picture so you can see exactly what i need!  what im mainly looking for are:
shoes size 10 (i have a giant feet D:)
Hair peices
no jewlery at this time
show me what you have if you think it will match!
im also open very much to off brand more so then to brand


~i ship from the US
~i will take trades for another jsk or someting fron the list above!

I had this Dress custom made from a seamstress about 8 months ago i
put in about 120$ all together for this dress! sadly it does not fits me when ordering this dress i made the measurements exactly to mine with no room to breath. i only wore this dress once for about an hour when i first got it and never again afterward it fit but it was a little to tight. im very sad to see
this dress go because its so beautiful!As to what i can see there
are absolutely no flaws at all to this dress for the exception of where the
Detachable bows are there are tiny safety pin holes. on the back of the
dress is a zipper but it is not an invisible zipper but it blends in with
the dress very well. (NOTE in the pictures the polka dot fabric appears to be navy blue but in fact it is

mesurments chest is 35 1/2 half " waist 29"
Im looking to get 65$  55$ for this dress
Also i am open to offers c:
plus 10$ shipping in the US going Prority mail OR 10$ out of the states in a bubble mailer or 15$for a box

Front view

Front detail

Bodice Detail

WORN: Thanks to my sister she was kind enough to model for me c:

Bag , Writcuffs and head bow

IF you have any questions at all feel free to ask c:
thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, !wtb, handmade
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