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DS: NEW Jellyfish Fuzzy Keychains, fuzzy accessories, AP, AttP,

~~I ship from California, USA
~~I will consider trades, or partial trades for items.
~~Prices are in USD
~~Paypal Preferred
~~Shipping within the USA is 3 USD (for handmade items ONLY inquire for other items) 
~~Shipping Internationally is 5 USD(for handmade items ONLY inquire for other items)
~~I can ship as early as Monday but no later than Wednesday April 30th.

Each Item is handmade and may be slightly different from the photo.

Jellyfish Keychain Ver. 2

The Jellyfish keychains I am selling now are much larger. The image above gives an example on how big they are. There are also more pearls and little accents than the last version.

In Stock: SOLD OUT
Price: 8USD
I will not be making anymore lavender for a while since the supply shop is out of the lavender color material I use to make this jellyfish. If they ever restock... then I will make more in the future... 

Price: 8USD
I was asked to make blue jellyfishes, and they are quite cute especially with pink accents. Which is why there is a pink bow on the top. You can coord this with something very sweet or very casual.

I didn't make as much to see if anyone would be interested in this colorway. Personally I love the color it goes well with fairy kei and especially sweet lolita. It's really much more vibrant than the other two.

Here is an image of all three of them together.

5USD each.
Only what is available in the photo.


please inquire about shipping for the following items:

90USD Shipped! OBO  SOLDI recommend this for someone of a bust between 32-34. Although it does have full shirring at the back. It's not that it doesn't fit, it sits oddly on the chest area. For waist I am a 27, and it is just comfortable. It can stretch even more. Personally I don't want to let it go, because it was one of my dream cutsews, but it just tends to sit oddly on me. I would rather pass it on to someone who would look much more adorable in it. It is slightly dirty from wear, but I can handwash it before sending it.

Picture of it worn:

I got these at PMX last year, and they were just adorable. However, I don't wear them as often since I now prefer OTK socks. They have been worn but as you can see there is no heavy sign of dirt where the sole of the foot is. These are in good condition.

10USD +shipping OBO SOLDI have had this piece for a while now, but I don't don't like how it sits on me. I am a 34-36 in bust and a 27 in waist, and it sits very comfortably on me. It is quite stretchy but I think it won't go further than 28-30 in waist.  It is wrinkled, but I can lightly iron it before shipping.


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