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DS: Sweet deco nails!

o Feedback: Here!
o I'm shipping from CO, USA
o Might trade for OTT sweet/fairy kei accessories
o Paypal only, please. No e-checks! Buyer is responsible for pp fees.
o Shipping options are First Class ($1.75, no insurance) or priority ($5.00, delivery confirmation included). Please let me know which method you prefer.
o Not responsible for lost items if no insurance was purchased. I include delivery confirmation with priority mail shipping automatically.
o I accept holds, so long as you leave a 20% non-refundable deposit.

Set One - Red My Melody w/Polkadots

My Melody bunnies and fruity berries top these nails! Jump out of the box as My Melody wears inverted colors on her dress per each hand!

Set Two - Cocoa Leopard Print

Spots hand painted by me, with sparkly gold glitter in between to bring out the beauty of leopard print! These nails run slightly smaller, great for those with smaller hands!

Set Three - Red and Yellow Lollipops and Donuts

This bright-and-funky sweets set will work nicely with loud, colorful outfits! Great for fairy-kei/decora/OTT lolitas!

Set Four - Red and Pink Roses

Red rhinestones subtly accentuate these light and rose pink flowers creating a very elegant look!

Set Five - Pink Dress Party

(I apologize for the quality of this photo! It's a bit out of focus >.<)
These super sweet nails want to invite everyone to the party! light and dark pink chocolate candies and cookies gather round with polkadots and cute dress charms.

Set Six - Pink and White Poodles w/Polkadots

Mix and match the poodles to create more flare and fun! (Not photographed, but I would wear one poodle on the index finger of one hand, and the other poodle on the ring finger on the other hand for funky versatility.)

Set Seven - Hot Pink w/Gold Flowers

(Sorry about blurry pic >.<)
These nails run on on the smaller size; good for those with smaller hands! Disco charms and rhinestones accentuate shiny golden flowers.

Set Eight - Pink Roses w/ Silver Glitter

Light and dark pink roses top these pale pink nails with silver rhinestone chains and glitter accents.

Set Nine - Blue My Melody w/Polkadots

My Melody bunnies and sweet pastel donuts top these light blue nails with white polkadots and pearl accents.

Set Ten - Black My Melody w/Polkadots

My Melody bunnies and pink/black bows top these black nails. Pink pearls and rhinestones accentuate these nails in a very ornamented style!

I still have other sets for sale here, or you can check out the full listing over at Bubble Cafe's website, I am also available for commission!

I also have clothing for sale in this post.

If you have any questions, please ask!
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