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DS/DT: Reduced Dear Celine JSK, petticoat, wig, victorian chocker



I have this short petticoat here that don't fit me since I'm very tall. It is really poofy and soft. It has many layers too. It would be perfect for a smaller person. The waist is pretty free, it is an elastic waist.

I paid 35$, I'm asking 25$ shipped, it was never worn.

I would like to sell or trade this great quality JSK (not as good as brand but almost). I ordered it 2-3 months ago and changed my mind before it was finished. I don't have any use for it so I'd prefer to trade it for something I will be able to wear at school more often.

The JSK value is around 120$ with shipping, it is in MINT condition I only worn it ONCE INSIDE THE HOUSE.
Price: 80$
The measurements are the following:
Bust - 37-39 inches
Waist -  Less than 34 inches (it has detachable waist ties so you can loose many inches with thwm)

The quality of the material and fur is very impressive for a replica, I can assure you it is way better than bodyline! The material is thick and the fur is really soft. The aplique is very good looking, not a crappy one like some replicas. Here are some pictures:

(don't worry the bunny is white and perfectly clean, the lighthing was horrible in my room ;_;)

BQ-RL poofy skirt
I bought this skirt 3 months ago and wore it many times as a petticoat. It came with bows but one of them is broken. I can still include them in the package, it is possible to repair it only I don't have any use for them so I just removed them (they are pins).

I paid 90$ for it, I'm selling it 50$ SHIPPED (I can include the socks if you wish but they are just regular socks bought in a costume shop)

Here is a victorian chocker I bought a long time ago. It is really not my style and I never wore it, it is new.
Price: 20$ SHIPPED (obo)

Here is a blond wig I bought for a cosplay a few months ago. But then I bought another one that fit more with the character I wanted to cosplay so this one has never been used, only tried on once. It is blond and quite long (past shoulders). The inside cap is adjustable, it will come with a net. It is quite straight, only a bit wavy at the end.

I paid 30$, I'm asking 25$ SHIPPED


- A brand or great quality skirt
- A white blouse
- Milky-chan items

You can have more than one item depending on the value of the skirt/blouse.

My measurements:
Bust - 38-39 inches
Waist - 32-33 inches

Please keep those in mind while offering something^^

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