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DS: Quick DS - Infanta Skirt black x blue SOLD THANKS!

-> I ship from Germany
-> All prices are in Euros
-> egl_feedback:
-> I accept Paypal (but you'll have to add the paypal-fees, sorry! Sending the money as "gift" does not work in Germany!) and for Germany/Europe bank transfers
-> Shipping for Germany: 4,10€
-> Shipping international: 8,60€ for Europe, for countries outside of Europe please aks.
-> I ship within one week with DHL and the shipping-price does not include a tracking number. I'll ship with another shipping-service and/or tracking number if you wish, but this will change/ increase the shipping-costs.
-> Advice for people who are allergic: I own cats.

m selling this beautiful Infanta-Skirt, Black x Blue Version! SOLD, Thank you!

Stock Picture:

Proof of ownership:

It's lovely, but it came in the wrong color! ;_;

I've never worn it outside, I only tried it on but the color is just not my style. The vest-part of the skirt is detachable. The blue-striped parts are made from cord, and the black fabric has a very light, beautiful flower-pattern. Of course I'll also include the angel-brooch and the "pocket watch" (which is an embroided piece of felt) which can be seen on the stock-pic as well.

Please note: The brooch already came with a broken clasp, so I attached a new clasp under the broken one to fix it. Now it can be used normal again. :)


Infanta Size: XL
Waist: 78cm
Bust: 96cm
Lenght: 64cm

Asked Price: 50€ + shipping

Tags: !ds, infanta
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