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DS: cute Macaron letter set!


I am located in NY, USA, and prices will include paypal fees and basic shipping for the US (priority mail)
All items have not been near any animals, and will be ironed before being sent out!
i take very good care of my things so gently used might as well be like-new.
i can ship out Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
~if you think i'm asking too much, please feel free to tell me!~
First person to leave their paypal gets it, and holds are for 3 DAYS.


No sheets this time, only the chicken...

Macaron letter set

offbrand but really cute. im sure my friends are sick and tired of seeing such pink and frilly paper so i'm selling one set of; three envelopes and 6 sheets of paper. its really cool when it folds up, the macarons peek out and look like they're part of the paper in the evelope (which is clear) Asking: 8 USD

AAtP suspender zipper frill pants ( not their real name)
I got them in a trade, and sadly, they're too small for me to fit into. they're very cute and boyish, also made of a woolish-cotton-other- blend, so they're kind of warmer ( probably from a fall season?). the suspenders are removable. measurements are: approx 31", but anything more than 30" would be tight as there is no stretch. Inseam is around 10", and length is around 40". it features a strange front buttoning detail where there's an extra bib in front of the crotch ( to prevent against crotch scorching when hot tea is spilled??? X3) its cool and is in no way ordinary. Asking: 65 USD

and i have older sales here: (Queen's coach headbow, Anna Sui replica wallet):
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