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!DT/!DS: Leaving Lolita Sale/ Trade

My terms and conditions:
  • I ship everything from Germany
  • I only accept Paypal, fees are not included
  • All transactions have to be made in Euros
  • Shipping is not included, please ask!
  • I am not responsible for packages lost during shipment
I prefer trading but if I can't get my hands on the items I want, I'll consider selling.
If our items are not worth the same, I am sure we can work something out :)

For your reference and your offers, my measurements are:
  • Bust: 89 cm
  • Waist: 72 cm
  • Heigth: 1,71 cm
Eglfeedback: click here!

As I just started / tried Lolita, I don't have much feedback yet (+3). I know that's kind of tricky for trading, but I just can't change that fact. I will try my best to show you that I am reliable and provide as much information as you want.

Wishlist (please read first!)

I really adore the fashion and was a lurker for such a long, long time, but I just have to face the fact that it does not suit me as much as I hoped. I have to pay so much fees for university, that I just can't justify spending so much money on something that is not practically wearable at my courses and just gets some wear at special events.

But as I am still in love with the fashion, I am looking for Lolita items that I can coordinate very casual - please show me what you've got, but no pastel colors please :)

These are the really casual items I want:

I only want the AP Items in the blue colorway, but I will consider black, too. I am not sure if I can fit the skirt, so if somebody knows the max measurements, that would be great!

I am also really in love with some casual dresses from Emily Temple Cute:

Please give me some time to think about your offers as it really breaks my heart to let my beloved items go!


1. Angelic Pretty Milky Berry Halterneck Style JSK in Black

This was my dream dress and I love it with all my heart, but it's just too short on me. I tried it on several times but only wore it out once to a convention over a blouse, so it's in perfect condition. I never used the waist ties or the halter neck ties.

I bought it at Fairy Angel, I don't know if it has been worn by a previous owner, but I couldn't find any flaws.

It has so many lovely details, the print is gorgeous and it has a built-in petti which gives a nice casual poof.

Bodice detail:

Print detail:

Halterneck ties:

Waist ties:

Built-in petti:

Measurements (from hellolace):

Length: 84.5 cm + 3.5 cm (lace)
Bust: 87 cm
Waist: 68 cm

It has shirring in the back so these are definitely not the max measurements!

I bought it for around 330 $ cause I needed it in my life and I am trying to get back what I paid for it if I can't find anyone who wants to trade with me.

2. R-Series Butterfly Summer JSK

This is a really cute and light JSK I bought via Qutieland. The ruffles on the hem and the blue upper part of the bodice are see-through, which gives a nice summerlike feel to it. The buttons are rose-shaped and go all the way down. You can unbutton the skirt part and wear it with an underskirt (I trade/sell the matching one, too) or you can wear it fully closed directly over your petti (like I did in my picture). The model in the R-Series pictures wears the underskirt, too:

Please be aware that this is an offbrand JSK, so of course the quality is not perfect. The lace is not the best, there are a few loose threads and I would recommend maybe reassuring some buttons. But apart from that it's really cute and not cheap looking at all; you get what you see in the official pictures:

Description from Qutielands site:

- 100 % Cotton fabric with venice lace & chiffon
- Summer classical jumperskirt design
- Blue stripe floral print fabric in use
- Buttons at the front
- Tiers of ruffle at dress edge
- Shirring at the back

Bust: 90 - 96 cm
Waist: 70 - 76 cm
Length: 95 cm (great for taller Lolitas!)

Pictures for reference:

The JSK only has one "flaw". The waist ribbon you can see in the R-Series pictures felt like simple wrapping ribbon and is way too short to tie a nice bow. I tried to wear it in my hair, but it was flimsy and I got pretty sick of it. If you want it I can include it, but I would recommend to buy another one or to wear the JSK with a nice belt.

I paid 100 $ and a lot of shipping and have only worn it once.

3. R-Series Gardenia Underskirt

Very cute underskirt by R-Series which is meant to be worn under the Butterfly JSK but is also great on its own as it is thick and not see-through at all. I wore the skirt like two or three times outside of Lolita, just with heavy grey boots, grey tights and a grey shirt - it's so versatile! I just washed it and it's easy to handle and still in perfect condition, a really nice casual summer skirt.


Waist: 55 - 74 cm (but I guess it can go up a little bit more)
Length: 52 cm

The lace on the hem looks a little "used" (?) but it's meant to be that way, it's not because of washing or wearing:

I paid 57 $ plus shipping for the skirt and it's in like-new condition.

4. DollscroPs Daily A-Shape Petticoat

A really nice and fluffy petti. It's so soft because of the organza and the really good lining. It gives a nice A-shape under longer dresses and if you pull it up or roll it up the waistband, it's getting a cupcake shape and more poof for shorter dresses. I am wearing it underneath the two dresses in my proof pictures but not rolled up, as I do not like a huge amount of poof.

It's out of stock at Qutieland!

Measurements from Qutieland are:

Waist: 62 - 72 cm

When I ordered it I had a 70 cm waist but I gained some weight and now it's about 72 or 73. The petti still fits fine so I guess it can go up to a 74 or even a 75 waist.

I paid 25 $ plus shipping and have only worn it a handful of times. It's still like new and I don't think it will lose its poof soon, just because of the huge amount of fabric used.

Direct Sale

1. Metamorphose Music Spcks 20 $

Cute striped knee socks with notes by metamorphose. As far as I know, once worn by the previous owner over tights, never worn by me. They are washed and in like-new condition.

2. Metamorphose Music Bracelet / Phonestrap 10 $ SOLD

A bracelet (that can be transformed into a phonestrap) with a big red clef with rhinestones and a little golden clef. Never used by me, because gold is so not my color and I am just not into such kind of things. But it's really cute, just not my style :)


Thanks a lot for looking and have a nice day! :)
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