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DS: White x Black Alice JSK Set, Spring 2011 GLB, and some reductions

Prices do not include shipping. I usually ship within 2 business days. All items are cleaned before sending out.
Will look at trades for gothic, punk, and kodona/ouji items!

Infanta JSK + Commissioned headbow + offbrand sock set: $70

Back | Stock image | Closeup of headbow | Minor fraying of torso ribbon |
My measurements:
Bust 34" max
Waist 27" absolute max

Measurements from taobao:
84 cm bust
66 cm waist
88 length

Please note that my JSK is slightly different from the stock image at the bottom lace and bodice! The JSK is somewhat of a replica of BtSSB's Alice Chess JSK. The socks are OTKs and are actually a Meta replica. I would recommend them for thinner legs because they do not stretch much. I commissioned the bow from catnapcaps. The quality is good and the bow is movable. The bodice bow is a little frayed, and both tails of the bow are there, it's just that one flipped up while I was taking the picture~

Spring 2011 Vol. 39 G&LB: $10

Back |

Only flipped through a few times. There are some small scratches on the back cover. Patterns and stickers are still attached inside.

Offbrand brown ankle boots: $20 New with tag

Side | Side | Sole/tag
Size: US 7 (my measurement is about 24 cm)
Heel 2.5"
Synthetic leather boots. Great for classic! Was a gift, but not my size Dx

Offbrand midcalf boots: $25 New with tag

Side | Side | Sole/tag
Size: US 7 1/2(my measurement is about 25.5 cm)
Heel 3"
Real leather "upper and sole." Sole and inside are a dark red color~ Was a gift, but not my size Dx

Offbrand Rose Purse $1

Top | Stock image
Length 10"/Height 4.5"/Thickness 1.5"
This purse closes magnetically, and comes with a strap inside. It's only been used for about an hour.

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