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WTB;; Bodyline/Offbrand/Secret Shop - Black short sleeved blouse, and shoes. Maybe BL cardigan?

Feedback is here, I have a lot more from other sites on my page!
I would ONLY like to buy within the U.S at this time. If you are in New York City, or can travel there, a face trade would be lovely~

Please provide a proof photo, any measurements or shoe size, stains/scuffs/rips and tears I need to know, your price with shipping, and your feedback, please~ ^_^

Hello~ I am looking for some what cheap/reasonable priced blouses and shoes. Nothing brand at the moment, as I dont have a lot of money to spare. ^^; I prefer a short sleeved, black blouse from bodyline, but I would not like to pay $20 for shipping from the site. As long as its plain black, I am fine with whatever~

I am also looking for this BL cardigan in BLACK only~ You can offer me any other plain black cardigans too~

As for shoes, anything offbrand, Secret Shop, or Bodyline is fine. I like styles like these, as long as they are BLACK. I am also fine with BL's RHS in either white or black. A few pictures I found on google, so if they are yours, I will credit you!

THank you! <3
Tags: !wtb, any brand, bodyline, offbrand, secret shop
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