wabbie_chan (wabbie_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB/WTT: OTK socks or tights

 Hello! I am looking to buy OTK socks or tights to match my new JSK's. I am looking for:

  • Navy blue, white or sailor themed socks in general to match the Marie Antonio JSK

  • White or cream socks maybe with a print with strawberries or cherries or roses in red or a color that can match this JSK
(picture borrowed from previous seller, sunkyung. I apologize for that, I will replace it as soon as I find a stock pic)

I am mostly looking for brand or secret shop socks but feel free to make an offer. I am not looking for anything really expensive though.

I am ONLY looking for OTK socks or tights, knee-high socks dont look good on my legs

I am not looking for very thick material, especially in case of tights because the weather is getting warm here.

I am a size 12, bear that in mind especially in case of tights

I can also trade or partially trade for what I have here (offbrand skirts, bodyline jacket, taobao bag), so please take a look!

Also I am allergic to cats so if you have one, please mention it so that I can handle accordingly.

My feedback page 

Thank you for your time!
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