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[DS/DT] BL polka dots dress, Heart buckles shoes, Secret Shop shoes and RTBU Carebears hoodie

Hello ! :)

~ Here is my feedback's page : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/734076.html

~ I'm from France. I accept international shipping.

~ As payment methods, I accept PAYPAL (fees for buyer) and bank transfer for international.
~ For PAYPAL payment, I ask payments in EUROS €.

~ Shipping are not included in prices. Please ask me for estimated shipping to your country.

~ Trades are okay only with someone who have several feedbacks (10 and more+) and only positive feedbacks ! (it can be out of EGL feedback as ebay's one for example)

~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or by PM.

Announcement :
As I wish to have all these stuffs go quick, if you buy 2 or more items, I'll give you a 15% discount ! (excluding shipping)

* Bodyline polka dots dress, dark blue color

This is the first version of this dress, it was said as black but is dark blue color. You can check the real color in the picture below.
This dress is like new, I only wore it 4 or 5 times.
Originally, this dress had a big flowers lace and white ribbons on her botton which I removed properly.

- Lenght : 90cm
- Bust : 82-102cm
- Waist : 66-86cm

- PRICE : 40 euros / 58$

Pictures :

More pictures below :


* Bodyline Heart buckles shoes replica SOLD

This is the first version in black enamel color.
I have them for more than a year but never wore them as I found another pair I loved more next month I bought this pair.
So these shoes are brand new !

- Size : EU 39-40

This is actually the size EU 39 but as everyone know, this version was a bit bigger, but as myself I'm EU39 and I was able to wear it with a sole, but I'm sure someone whose size is EU40 will fit perfectly without sole.

- PRICE : 25 euros / 38$

Pictures :

Others pictures below :


* Secret Shop shoes, model 9682

Color : black
Size : L (24.5cm),  but real size is EU 37-38
Heels : 4,5cm
Have two amovible bows as on official pictures.

I just got these shoes a week ago but unfortunately these are too small for me. The size for this model seems to be more a EU37-38 than a EU39, I can't get my feets into. 
So these are totally new, never worn.

I sell these shoes what I paid for excepting shipping to you which I lost money for.

- PRICE : 45 euros / 65$

Pictures :

More pictures below :


* RTBU Carebears hoodie

I don't know if I can post this item here but as I already saw it worn in casual lolita coordinations, I guess it is okay.
Please mods let me know if it isn't allowed then I'll cancel it.

I bought this hoodie second hand last month, the seller said me it was good condition and nothing more, her picture didn't show the truth thought... this hoodie have several defaults (see pictures below to get the state in mind) :
- it has neps on a big part of it
- a stain is standing next to the pocket ( I tried to wash the hoodie 2 times but the stain is still there )
- the amovible bow also have a small stain
- a tiny part of the heart lace is broken but it looks okay if you don't play with the lace

Despite the state of the hoodie, I can't wear it as it is a bit too small at shoulders for me so I sell it black, with a really lowered price.

- Size : EU36-38

* Measurements by RTBU :
- shoulder: 15.5" (39cm)
- bust: 38.5" (97cm)
- back length: 26.5" (67cm)
- sleeve length: 10.5" (26cm)

- PRICE : 15 euros / 22$

Pictures :

Others pictures below :

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