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DS/DT: Black Metamorphose blouse, Meta headdress & purse, Strawberry bag

Shipping is not included. Please inquire.
Paypal only (no e-checks please)
Feedback: Here

DS/DT: Black Metamorphose Crown lace blouse - $45 (US shipping inc)SOLD

Metamorphose Headdress - $20

Worn once, very cute headdress that came in the lucky packs a few years ago.


Metamorphose Purse - $20

Sweet purse with lots of pearl and rhinestone details. Matches the headdress. Zips close.

If you would like both - $35

Metamorphose Socks and Offbrand socks - (Pink/white lace top pair sold)

Meta socks - Pink and red stripes like new (Just tried on) - $18
I decided to keep the cream/red pair for myself :)

Offbrand pink, black and white pair like new (Just tried on) - $8

Putumayo? Skirt - $10 SOLD

Offbrand Strawberry Handbag - $20

This is so cute! Its in perfect condition, I don't remember where I got it but I've never used it.. Just been sitting in my closet for a good 5 or 6 years. Very sturdy material, snaps close but it also has snaps on the sides so if you need to stuff it, it can expand.


Thank you! Art commissions are still available Here
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