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Leaving Sweet Lolita, Nothing over $50 US


Information and Sales Terms
My feedback pages may be found here:
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1. Payment by Paypal only!

2. Prices include Shipping within the US, and paypal fees. I use USPS priority mail in most cases. I will usually ship items next day or even same day if I can. I will let you know what day I plan on shipping after payment, and will also let you know when the item has been shipped. =)

3. I will ship internationally. Please comment with your country so I can calculate shipping cost.

4. Tracking and Insurance are NOT included. If you would like these services please let me know so I can calculate the price.

5. I am not responsible for lost/stolen goods.

6. First to post papal address get priority. If payment is not received within 24 hours the item will go to the next person in line. Sorry, no holds!

7. Measurements are amateur at best. I try to get the most accurate measurements I can, but I am by no means a professional seamstress. Please +/- 2cms or so just so you have an idea of size range.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. ^_^


Anna House Halter JSK $50 shipped within the US SOLD
Size M
Will fit a size 36' bust comfortably but could go smaller and slightly larger.

This was my very first lolita dress, and while I still am fond of it I'm just not really into sweet styles anymore and never wear it. I would rather sell it to someone who will get some use of out of. There is some minor staining on the very edge portion of some lace on the top of the white part from makeup.  It's hard to see, but I tried my best to photograph the damage and circled it below:

Item does come with the detatchable larger white bow and small red printed bow.

Bodyline sax candy skirt $35 shipped within the US
Size M (Can fit up to a 28in waist comfortably, but I would not o beyond 29'in otherwise it's going to be uncomfy)

Love this skirt but again, it's just too sweet for my tastes anymore. Worn only once and in like-new condition. Comes with waist ties which you can't really see in the picture.

Nautical/Sailor Offbrand High waisted Skirt $20 shipped within the US
No size printed, but will fit a 30inch waist/underbust.

I bought this at a vintage store in Cleveland. It's an adorable skirt, and I wish I could wear it, but it's just too big for me. I planned on making it smaller but never got around to it. It's in like new condition. I paid 30 dollars for it last year, tried it on, and never wore it.
Close up of lace and stripes. It is a true navy blue color.

Offbrand Black Dandy Style Shorts $10 shipped within the US
US size 4, but measures at about 27 1/2 inches at the waist.

Bought these awhile ago, wore them once and never wore them again. Boy style just isn't my thing. These pants are in decent condition; however, they are missing a button on the back. The button was missing when I bought them. Also, like you can see in the pictures these shorts attract lint like you can't believe. It's one of the reasons why I'm not fond of them.  The color of these shorts is a true black, and is deeper in person. I've lightened the photo to show details.

Here is a picture of the missing button at the back of the pants:
I honestly just want these gone. If you order something else from me and want these as well I'll sell them for $5 US instead of the 10 and I'll just combined the shipping.

Offbrand Dark Gray/Greenish corduroy Dandy shorts with Chain $18 shipped within the US
Label says US size 06, Europe size 38, Mexico size 28  
Bought these and never wore them. Really great condition, and comes with a cool little chain on the side. Snap buttons on the lower leg part can be opened/closed for different styles/fit around the knees. These shorts are slightly darker in person than they are in this picture, and are a dark gray/greenish sort of color.

Offbrand Red Cutsew $10 shipped within the US
SOLD Thank you!
Size M (but is very small! I'm a 36in bust and this was way too small and low cut due to my chest. Would work on 32in bust or smaller)

Very soft, and a true red color in person (does not have pink undertones like in picture) Love the color, but sadly it doesn't fit me at all.

Offbrand Blue Long Sleeved Blouse $15 shipped within the US - SOLD -
Size Large, but does stretch a little. Fits my 36in bust ok, but would look good on 34 as well. Would not go above 36'in otherwise the shirt is going to be tight.
I bought this shirt to go with a black MMM skirt. However, a friend of mine purchased a blue blouse for me which I like even more than this one, so I figured I would sell this. Shirt is in like new condition, and is a very rich electric blue.  Made of a stretchy-cotton material which feels really nice and soft.

Juicy Couture footless Leggings/Tights $15 shipped within the US
US size M/L

Bought New.Tried on but never worn. These are juicy couture footless tights. The color didn't photograph well, but they are a light minty-blue color with little yellow hearts on them.  They are FOOTLESS, and when tried on they came about mid-calf on me (I'm about 5'4) However, I have wide calves so if you have thinner legs/calves they might be a little longer on you. I would not recommend these for people with larger legs. While they are soft and stretchy the length of them starts to become an issue.

Close up of tag and pattern/color:

Secret Shop Red Tea Party Shoes $35 shipped within the US SOLD
Size 22.5 (s)
Fits US size 6 well

Bought used but they were in good condition. I've worn these once outside. I love them, but they just don't suit me. They have very minor wear, but no scuff marks on the red materials that I noticed.

Elastic Beaded Bobble Ring $10 shipped within the US
size adjustable

A friend gave me this ring awhile ago and  I just never wear it. While the ring "band" is made of metal parts, they're strung on elastic so the ring can fit a wide range of sizes. I have very small hands, but the ring itself is still a decent sized ring even for "normal" sized hands. Please note: The other ring on my ring finger is NOT for sale. Sorry. ^_^' I just wanted to use it for size comparison.

Thanks for looking everyone. If you have any questions please let me know.

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