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Please note that I do have a cat but will try to remove every hair.
Buyer covers shipping.
I cover paypal fees, my prices already reflect that so no surprise fee adding!
All prices excluding shipping.
I will ship within 14 days after payment, please make sure you're okay with that.
I have +67 feedback on eglfeedback and 166 on ebay.
I will consider offers and trades, just ask.
No refunds or returns, this is a private sale (please pay for insurance if you want to be safe).
I will consider holds in case you pay a deposit or if I know you and we've had business before.
Item goes to the person who leaves their paypal first.
Payment only via paypal except you're from Germany.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to people I had issues with before.

1.) PRIMARK Military jacket navy - 20€

I got this in a trade but it doesn't really fit as I want it. New with tags still attached.
Size M, bust ~90 cm, waist 80 cm

2.) Bodyline blouse - 10€

This blouse is lying in my closet for years now. I just don't wear it. It's in okay condition, the lace is not the best but has hearts. Comes with detachable bow. Bust ~90 cm, Waist ~75 cm

3.) Bodyline Kodona Set - 25€ pending

Comes with blazer, pants, hat and jabot, the blouse below is the one that originaly cae with the set. If you purchase them together, the whole set will be 30€. It is in good condition, I've worn the pants several times and the jacket once. Bodyline size M, bust ~88 cm, Waist~70 cm, pants: low waist ~85 cm, hips ~100 cm.

4.) Bodyline blouse - 8€

This blouse came with the set, it lost most buttons in the washing machine which is why it only has been worn twice since I never came to re-attaching the buttons. Some makeup stains on the collar that I will try to remove. Discounted if purchased with the set. Bust ~88cm, waist ~73 cm.

5.) Alice and the Pirates blouse - 20€

I got this from a friend, if I remember correctly, this is a sample blouse. It's worn and the black is a little bit washed out but otherwise in fine condition. Bust ~87 cm, waist ~75cm.

6.) Moi-meme-Moitie blouse - 40€ pending

Sorry for the blurry pic! I recently got it and the sleeves are really short on me but I wanted to wear it as a 3/4 sleeve blouse. What makes me sell it is that it just sits really weird at me ;_;
It has a makeup stain on the front and one on the sleeves, along with some discolouring on the collar.

7.) Peace Now tiered OP - 40€

I bought this a while ago and had the intention to lengthen the cuffs on the sleeves. I did not  xD
However, it's also damn short on me, so I'm selling it. Good condition, no visible flaws. Bust 88 cm, waist 72 max.

8.) blue knit beret - 5€

It's nice and warm but I have two of them |D In perfect condition, worn once.


Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, bodyline, innocent world, moi-meme-moitie, offbrand, peace now
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