Kaitlyn (luckyratfoot) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Quitting lolita! Accessories for sale!

 Hello! I'm clearing out of most of my lolita stuff so please don't offer any trades.
-Please serious buyers only.
-All prices include shipping in the US.
-US buyers only at this time.
-I do have cats, but I do my best to keep them away from my lolita items.
My feedback is located here: 

H.Naoto purse/backpack: bought from closet child and used a few times. It's still in good condition.
$45 shipped.

BTSSB double headbow: bought from EGL sales, but I have never worn it. There is a small stain on the inside which would not be seen while wearing. I haven't tried to clean it.
$30 shipped.

Metamorphose cloth: new condition.
$15 shipped.

BTSSB necklace: bought from EGL sales in used condition. It still looks nice when worn.
$25 shipped.

Handmade jewelry (except for ring) and unworn Bodyline socks. The bracelets are all elastic. I have worn these all together in sweet coordinates.
$20 shipped.

Metamorphose candy star rabbit hair bows: never used.
$15 shipped.

Metamorphose white shoe clips: never used.
$15 shipped.

BTSSB white under knee socks: tried on but never worn
$18 shipped.

Metamorphose pink plastic bangle and ring: in great condition.
$20 shipped.

Metamorphose glitter bag: wrinkled from being in a closet. I have only used this once.
$30 shipped.
Tags: !ds, bodyline, h.naoto, handmade, metamorphose
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