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Please read:
* I live in WA, USA
* I accept paypal w/ fees 5%
*If you would like to avoid paypal fees, you can send the money through paypal: personal: gift using a debit card or paypal balance
* Items are not refundable/returnable
* I am not responsible for lost orders
*Shipping is included in the US ONLY
*No trades

For international buyers, please inquire on shipping.

*Priority goes to people with highest offer.

Finally on spring break! Yay. Since I've been busy with school and work lately, I don't actually wear lolita out much anymore so here are some of the items I am selling/auctioning.

Auctions will end on Wednesday, 3/23/2011 9PM PST.

White Large Usakumya Bag  (BINed by ladylovelesslie)
Used 2-3x. I barely use it and so they sit in my closet. Please look at pictures for more details/condition.

Starting Bid: $180 shipped.
Minimum increment: $5
Current bid: $185 by aristocrat_knao
BIN: $230 shipped.

Pink Medium Usakumya Bag
(BINed by kitty_caeser)
Used 2x. Washed once. Please look at pictures for more details/condition.

Starting bid: $100 shipped
Minimum increment: $5
Current bid: $100 by kitty_caesar
BIN: $140 shipped.

Blue Vampire Requiem Corset JSK
New, never worn. Was hoping I'd like this more than the skirt version that I use to own but guess I was wrong. :[
Measurements: 91cm length, 85~94cm bust, 72~82cm waist
Picture: 1 2

Starting bid:  $380 shipped.
Minimum increment: $5
Current bid: $380 by duplica_chan
BIN: $480 shipped.

Blue Beauty & The Rose Corset Skirt + Headbow  BINed through PM
Worn 3x. In perfect condition. Picture makes it seem shiny than it actually is.
Measurements: 62cm length, 61.5~73cm waist

Starting bid: $280 shipped.
Minimum increment: $5
Current bid: $290 by ni_chan87
BIN: $360 shipped.

A Midsummer's Night Dream JSK II
Worn 1x. In perfect condition. Very beautiful dress but I don't wear lolita often anymore.
Measurements: 93cm length, 85~93cm bust, 75~83cm waist
Picture: 1

Starting bid: $350 shipped.
Minimum increment: $5
Current bid: $370 by jola
BIN: $465 shipped.

Putumayo Black Blouse     SOLD
Worn 2x. In perfect condition.
Measurements: ~33" bust, ~27" waist
Pictures: 1 2
$30 shipped.

Putumayo Scarf
Used 3-4x. In great condition.
$25 shipped.

Thanks for looking!
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