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DS: DoL, Bodyline, AatP, Heart E~

- If you wish to not pay paypal fees, please ask me for
my paypal email and then PM me with your address! 
- Feedback page here: 
-Whoever can pay first gets the item!
-PLEASE ASK ME FOR SHIPPING PRICES! Usually within the USA it's about $5.

Dream of Lolita
Dreamy dollhouse replica. Worn once, really great condition.
Since this replica did not have the glittery parts, I manually applied
glitter glue to all the parts that the original had, to give it a nice shine ^^
asking for $27 OBO.

Dream of Lolita
AP Replica Bunny Bag. Used once, in great condition.
The strap can be used either as a regular bag or can be looped in the back as a backpack.
asking for $30 OBO.

Heart Buckle Shoes. Size 24.5 Used once, In great condition. Minor scuffs.
Asking $25 OBO.

Alice and the Pirates
Socks. Used once or twice, hand washed. 
Asking for $8 OBO.

Heart E
Plaid Velveteen Halter top JSK. Great condition, used only a handful of times.
Asking for $80 $55 OBO. 

Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, heart e
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