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DS: Dear celine bunny applique jsk angelic pretty replica

I know I just posted a WTB post but I also want to sell something and didn,t think about it while I was making my wtb post.

First, here is my feedback, I find it sad no one ever gave feedback since I did many transactions with people here and I also left feeback to others too.

So maybe 3 months ago I ordered a costum made jsk from Qutieland. It is a well made replica from an Angelic Pretty JSK. The quality is really nice and the measurements fit me well but it just isn't my kind of dress. It is pretty heavy and long since I'm a tall person. It goes a bit bellow my knees and I'm 174 cm tall, maybe that can help you compare with your own height to know if it would fit you. The fur is pretty nice and soft. The dress has only been worn once inside the house and is in MINT condition.

I paid 120$ for it so I'd like to ask for 100$ shipping included worldwide.

Here are the measurements, the dress has NO shirring but has detachable waist ties:

Bust: maximum of 39 inches
Waist: maximum of 33 inches but it can go lower with the waist ties

Now on with the pictures:



Bunny applique

Ties heart shaped end

Top close-up

The front bow is detachable.
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