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!DS: Meta, IW, AATP, DoL, HMHM, an*tai*na, Bodyline

50% of all sales in this post will be donated to Japanese Red Cross to help those who were effected by the tsunami and earthquake.  ;___; My heart aches and goes out to everyone over there. Please considering donating yourself if you haven't done so. Thank you for looking at my post. 

This is my EGLFB, I don't have much in terms of egl feedback but I have tons on eBay. You can always message me there as proof. 

Terms of Sale:
- I will only accept payment through Paypal and prefer if payment is sent as personal/gift but will understand if it's not. 
- First person who post their paypal will get priority.
- I am not interested in trades at this time.
- Prices DOES include shipping in the USA. International shipping will be extra, please inquiry about that. Most likely $10-$15 extra.
- Everything will be shipped through the USPS, I will add confirmation tracking on everything. If you have a preference for shipping please tell me and I will consider it depending on the cost.
- I will ship item immediately within 48 hours after payment clears, unless it's a weekend.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, bargain, or request for more pictures of any item. As a reference I am 34" bust, 29" waist.

Meta pink bling bag: $35 shipped SOLD
Never been used. I only took it out of the bag to take a picture of it.

IW white blouse BNWOT

Blouse is new without tag. Only tried on and doesn't fit me.
Amateur measurements:
Bust: ~34in
Waist: ~27in
I think this may be Innocent World's standard size S (90cm bust, 70cm waist)

Meta jsk + barrette BNWT

This jsk is brand new with tag and fully shirred. It will come with the barrette, which is attached to the right shoulder strap in the picture. I've only tried it on.
Amateur measurements:
Bust: Maybe up to 36". It's fully shirred so it's hard to tell.
Waist: Free
Length: 35" (Top of strap to bottom.)

AATP Chandelier Flocky JSK I BNWOT: $130 shipped SOLD
Brand new without tag, blackxblack colorway. I only tried on this jsk once. This jsk does not have any give so I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this if they aren't close to the size I listed. Also I want to note that as I was taking out the jsk from the package I notice that there's a
button that's kind of loose (the one second from bottom). Here's a close of the print on the velveteen.
Bust: 86cm (~34")
Waist: 71cm (~28") 
Length: 95cm (~37")

Meta balloon skirt

I'm not sure what the official name of this skirt is and can't seem to find it on lolibrary or hellolace. The print it basically the background print that's on March of the Ducks. It's fully elastic/fully shirred so the range of sizes this skirt can fit is a lot. I basically put on the skirt and stretched it to measure what the max around the waist.  I got it used on mbok and only tried on once. 
Amateur measurements:
Waist: 21~38"  
Length: 19.5"

Dream of Lolita Putumayo Window Cat replica Skirt: $35 shipped SOLD

I've only ever tried on, never wore it out anywhere so it's basically brand new without tag. Got it directly from DoL on Taobao. Skirt is fully elastic/fully shirred so it can accommodate a range of sizes.  
Amateur measurements:
Waist: 25~40"
Length: 20"

HMHM Alice In Wonderland embroidered skirt
This skirt is brand new without tag. I've only ever tried it on. It fits me perfectly so anyone with a waist of 28.5"-29" would fit in it fine since there is no shirring. The fabric is velveteen so it's very heavy and good for colder weather. The color of the skirt is a darker than what the picture shows. Here's a close up
of the clock (the piece of black stuff in the picture is lint and is not any damage on the skirt) and a close of up the little teapots/cups/saucers
Amateur measurements:
Waist: 28.5"-29"
Length: 21"

Bodyline blouse
Brand new without tag, I've only tried it on once. It fits my waist which is 29" and has shirring on both sizes to give it extra room. 
Bodyline measurements:
Length 50cm
Bust 88cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Sleeve length 58cm

an*tai*na Btssb replica boots: $65 shipped SOLD
Japanese size 23.5, Chinese size 37, and I typically wear US size 7 or 7.5. Brand new, I've only tried on once and has since been sitting in my closet. These will come with those bow clips.

an*tai*na boots
Japanese size 23.5, Chinese size 37, and I typically wear US size 7 or 7.5. These are also brand new. I've only tried on once and has also been sitting in my closet. These came with the insoles kind of messed up, I've since fixed them but you can tell they put it in weird because you can still feel the crease in the insoles. 
Tags: alice and the pirates, bodyline, hmhm, innocent world, metamorphose
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