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Cutsews galore! AP, Meta and more...

+I DO own both a cat and a dog. They are not allowed in my room/where the clothes are kept, but I think this would be best to mention.
+all items come from a non-smoking home.
+my feedback page is: here
+PayPal only
+All prices are in USD
+Prices DO NOT include shipping/Paypal fees. Shipping to US for each item should be $6 which includes tracking
+I ship from the US
+I prefer to ship to America, and American customers will take priority. I do and have shipped internationally, but please be aware that shipping will be extra. I
+The person who offers the most money/can pay the fastest has priority. This does not mean you get the item if you leave your paypal and drop off the face of the earth.

as for trades: I will consider trades, but I will sell first. Mostly interested in blouses/cutsews that fit my measurements of 34-27-35. NO bodyline. Offbrand such as Rose Melody etc. is okay. I prefer brand.

Cutsews and whatnot:

H. Naoto Hangry & Angry Long-sleeved Cutsew

Print Closeup:

Flat measurements: 30" bust, 31" waist. Sleeves are super long and measure 24". Very stretchy--should fit at least 36" bust. Worn a few times, can be safely washed in washer.


Forever 21 cap-sleeve white blouse

Back is plain. Cap-sleeves. Flat measurements: 32" bust, 28" waist. Fits up to at least a 34" bust. Worn about 2 times. About as sheer as the average American blouse--should be worn with something underneath. Back is plain.

Atelier Boz 3/4 sleeve white blouse SOLD

Very cute. My favorite blouse. Not recommended for measurements over 34" bust, 27" waist. 14" sleeves. Would fit smaller measurements nicely. Sleeves have shirring and back has a strap/waist tie. Slight pilling on collar--hard to pick up with a camera. My favorite blouse. Thicker/nicer material than the Forever 21 blouse. Big peter pan style collar and flower-shaped buttons.

Angelic Pretty White Long-Sleeved Cutsew

Mint condition, only tried on and washed by me. A little bit big on my 34" bust, 27" waist. VERY stretchy material. Should probably fit around a 36" bust, maybe a 30" waist. Slightly short, would look good over or under a long-waisted skirt. If you have long arms the sleeves may not reach to your wrists.

Metamorphose Hoodie

print close-up:

Adorable hoodie bought off ebay. Looks to be mint condition. Never worn by me. Thin material, would look good over a skirt or JSK. Again, cut slightly short. Should fit around a 35-36" bust, 29 to possibly 30" waist. VERY stretchy. Also, if you have long arms the sleeves may not reach to your wrists.

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