momoko89 (momoko89) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: VM, Bttsb, chocomint, secret shop, metamorphose, offbrand

- I ship from Austria
- price does not include shipping and paypal fees
- item is sold to whoever leaves paypal address first


1. Metamorphose socks
Worn once
€ 12
2. Secret shop socks
€ 8
3. Secret shop socks
tried on
€ 7
4. Secret shop socks
tried on
€ 7

2. VM Regimental Stripe OP first release
Condition: Worn once
bust: ca. 89/90 cm
waist: 71 cm
lenght: 91 cm
Price: € 200 (I bought it for € 300)

Chocomint/Oh lala

1. Ohlala necklace
Condition: new
Price: € 7

2. Chocomint bracelet
Condition: I got this one with the clef broken, I glued it on and its almost invisible
Price: € 5

3. Chocomint
Condition: new
Price: € 4

4. Chocomint bow mint
price: € 7

5. Chocomint bow pink
price: € 7

6. Ohlala ring
price: € 2

btssb chanderlier highwaist skirt

Condition: Worn once, bought it used
Waist: 73
Price: € 110

Heartbag taobao ON HOLD

Condition: new
Price: € 20

Custom made old school lolita dress

It was handmade by baroquepetrock and you can see her post at sew_loli here:
She is an amazing seamstress!
You can see her other work here:
Condition: new
-bust circumference: >94 cm and greater
 -natural waistline circumference: 75 cm
 -full shoulders: 50cm
 -shoulder to waistline: 48cm
-shoulder to bust: 26cm
 -sleeves: 63cm
 -cuff: 16cm
 -bicep: 28cm
 -dress length from shoulder to hem: 110cm

Price: € 80 (I can't lower the price more than that)

Taobao dress (can't remember the brand)

Condition: New
bust: 91 cm
waist: 75 cm
Price: 45 €

Headbands and headcombs

1. taobao headband
€ 5
2. headband from japan
€ 4
3. metamorphose haircombs with tags
€ 12
4. headband from japan
€ 4

Please feel free to make an offer.
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, offbrand, victorian maiden
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