Crazy Catlady (voiceless_angel) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Crazy Catlady

WTB: Classic OP's, JSK's & Skirt And AATP's Queen's Coach

My feedback link :
I will only buy from sellers with 100% positive feedback!

I am looking for a Classic Skirt/JSK/OP byJuliette et Justine , however I'm also happy to look at some Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene items as well. I have nothing specific in mind, but I do prefer dark colours and am not a big fan of pastel colours.

I need a size 1 for Juliette et Justine and generally anything with a bust measurement bigger than 88cm will be too large for me.

So, please show me what you've got!

Also, very long shot, but I am looking for the Queen's Coach JSK type I or the skirt in navy or black!

Thank you!

Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, juliette et justine, mary magdalene, victorian maiden
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