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DS: Handmade- Lace Necklaces & Doll Hand Necklaces, for Mori, Dolly, & Classic Lolitas!

Feedback here:
Shipping: For the lace necklaces- within the US $2, outside of the US $4. Doll hand necklaces- $3 within the US, $5 outside of the US. Will be shipped first class unless asked for otherwise.

I just made these yesterday after seeing a bunch of gorgeous lace necklaces on Etsy. I really wanted to make my own! These are something of a test run, because I'm a bit unsure about the price since I normally make mostly resin jewelry and I am unsure how to price something like this. So if you think the prices should be adjusted, please let me know!

Care instructions: While this lace is of good quality and is quite strong, it's still lace! So you should treat it as such, which means to be a little more careful with these necklaces than you normally might. They're by no means long enough to get caught on something, but you should probably avoid wearing them in the shower, wadding them up in a ball to store, and whatever else you might avoid doing to lace! As for the hand necklaces, they are made with real bisque doll hands! And again, while they are sturdy enough to wear, please resist doing things that might otherwise crush the bisque parts.

Small Lace Rose Necklace

More pictures: Full necklace. Worn
This necklace features a small offwhite piece of rose lace. Bronze colored chain is decorated with frosted brown glass beads as well as small stone beads. A single real freshwater pearl hangs from the middle of the necklace.

Large Lace Rose Necklace

More pictures: Close up. Worn
This necklace features a large piece of offwhite lace adorned with a brown velvet bow and an amber glass teardrop bead. The bronze colored chain features antiqued faux pearls and small stone beads.

Cream Lace Choker

More pictures: Close up. Worn
This adjustable lace choker features a brown velvet bow in the center with 3 beads, a mixture of real freshwater pearls and a blown glass bead, suspended from the center. Note: The caps at the end of the lace are silver, not bronze colored like the rest of the metal in the necklace

Lace Collar Necklace

More pictures: Closeup. Worn.
I love this necklace! The chain in the back is adjustable so it can either be worn, as shown, like a choker, and can even be layered over a shirt to look like a detachable collar, or it can be worn longer like a bib necklace.
$18 SOLD But if you're interested in one, let me know! Like I said, these are a bit experimental for me and I'd really like to know how many people are interested.

Doll Hand Rosary Necklace

More Pictures: Full necklace. Shown in hand to compare size.
This rosary style necklace features a vintage bisque doll hand, painted, blushed, and glossed by me for realism! (I do BJD blushing and faceups as a hobby, and I did pretty much exactly what I would do for that on these, including several coats of Mr. Super Clear sealant for a nice finish)  The sculpt is very realistic to begin with, and the blushing definitely adds to the realism, making the necklace a bit morbid. I had these displayed at a recent convention table and everyone kept commenting on how creepy they were XD! The chain is bronze colored and features textured offwhite glass beads and a Y-shape. The necklace is pretty long, about rosary length, so it tends to it around mid-chest.
$27. 2 available, a righty and a lefty!
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