marianitacrds (marianitacrds) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DT: BTSSB Princess Honey's Tea Salon JSK

I'm form Mexico City, I can ship everywhere.
My feedback page :
I'm new so it's empty for now.

I'm not looking to for anything specific, if I really like it I'd be interested in trading regardless of the dress or brand as long as it's within the same price range. But right now i'm really into mint.

I'd like to see lots of detailed pictures of the actual dress you offer in exchange.

This is the dress :

Stock picture :

Princess Honey's Tea Salon JSK
I really like it but it just doesn't suit my body type.

I only wore it once, previous owner only wore it once as well.

Proof it's mine )

It's in good condition. But has a little flaw. Last owner ripped the lace in the back a little when she (probably) tried to tighten it too much.
Pictures :

Measurements ( i got them from the BABY page) :

Thanks a lot !
! --- Trade in process
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