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Quick Cyperous GO - No customs! :D


I received several requests to host another Cyperous GO, but I didn't want to do it due to the recent Japan disaster. However, I have since checked the situation and it seems ok to go ahead:

★ Cyperous has confirmed they are business as usual and still accept international order. They are Osaka-based, thus is far from the affected region. Their parcels leave from Osaka airport, which is operating normally.
★ Couriers such as Parcelforce / Fedex / UPS etc are operating normally in the Southern half of Japan.
★ Someone on egl said she had a parcel shipped from Japan on 12/3 and received it on 16/3.
Unless there are any drastic developments regarding Japan in the next few days, this GO will be placed.


This would be my 4th Lolita-related GO. Feedback on all my previous dealings can be found here , eglfeedback & egl_go_feedback.

I am from UK, but I will be in Hong Kong 27/3 - 18/4. The Cyperous GO will be posted to my friend in HK, and I will post the items to you from HK.


Hong Kong is a free trading city - it doesn’t have sales tax, therefore NO CUSTOMS. :D

This GO is open to worldwide participants & will be placed w/c 28 March

Please coment with your order by Thurs 24//3. Once invoiced, please aim to pay before the end of Sun 27/3

I normally don’t charge GO fees, but I will this time. Co-ordinating a GO whilst I’m abroad on holiday will require extra time/effort. I will have to take public transport to a post office, rather than pop everything in the car and drive to one near my house. I won’t have spare packaging materials, everything needs to be bought from shop.

For the reasons above, a 8% GO fee will be charged to the total cost of your order.

HOW TO ORDER - please go to this post instead
★ You can browse from the Japanese site or the English site.
★ No limit on how many items or what you order.

To join the GO, please comment in this post with the following info -

LJ username:
Paypal email:
Item URL: (eg. http://cyperous.com/wig/wig.cgi?cmd=dp&num=6977&Tfile=Data&dp=twotone.html)
Item Code: (eg. F708-6_892)
Item Cost (in yen): (eg. 6900y)
Total number of items: (if you order more than 1 item)

★ Paypal only. I will use this to calclate the fee.
★ Cyperous charges a flat rate 3000yen shipping for each order. This cost will be shared by the number of participants (eg. if 5 participants, then you'll pay 600y each).

Payment will be made in 2 stages:

Invoice 1 - sent when GO is closed
- cost of your items
- your portion of the Cyperous shipping fee
- 8% GO fee
- paypal fee

This invoice will be in yen. Payment must be made asap so as to not delay the order.

Invoice 2 - when GO is received by me
I'll ship your items from HK as international air parcel, unless requested otherwise. This invoice will be in HKD$.

- shipping & packaging cost
- paypal fee

As I will be on holiday, my posting schedule can't be as prompt as usual, but I'll aim to have items posted within a week of you paying the 2nd invoice.


Thanks for reading this long post. If you have any questions or want to join the GO, please find me at this post instead. :D


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