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DS/DT Spring Cleaning! Things for DS must go

Terms of Sales

- My bust is 34" (84cm) and my waist is 26" (66cm), so all items will fit this size comfortably (some can accommodate larger size) unless indicate otherwise
- Feel free to ask me detailed condition, measurement check, or additional photos for items you are interested in
- I do not smoke and do not own any pet, but I can't testify for items I bought used
- I ship from the US (47401), but international buyers are welcome too!
- I prefer to ship priority for international, I will ship first class (takes 2-3 weeks with no tracking) at your own risk
- The price does not include shipping. I ship priority flat rate by default without extra services (domestic)
- Once I handed over the package to the post office I am not responsible for your package. I always take photos for proof of shipment for first class international. In other cases I will give you your tracking number after I shipped it.
- I accept Paypal only
- The item goes to the person who first leave their Paypal address or confirmed their commitment to buy. If you are not comfortable leaving your PP address or need to ask some questions but are committed to buying, please leave a comment saying you are committed to buying but have some questions to clarify or that you have PMed me with your paypal address. If you do not leave a comment you may lose your place, even if you PM me please leave a comment first so I know who comes first.
- I am open to offers, but the item will go to the first buyer agreed to pay full price or the buyer with the highest offer
- I can hold your item for free for one day at full price but if another buyer offers higher price and can pay instantly the item will go to that person. I can't do hold if you offer me less than my quoted price.
- I can hold your item up to two weeks with 50% non-refundable deposit. (Once you have made a deposit I won't sell to a buyer offering higher price within your hold period)
- I am open to trade for all items :) Please check my list at the end of the sales post~
- Here is my feedback :)


Direct Sales Items

(I will also look at trade offers for these items)
Handmade skirt (4 weeks repost)
$25 $18
Very good condition with no flaws
Waist ties and shirring in the back
Infanta OP with fur collar (4 week repost)
$80 $75
Woolen plaid OP with detachable faux fur collars and faux fur cuffs (cuffs not in photo)
Very good condition
Bodyline Flocky Houndstooth Skirt (4wk repost) $20
The inner and outer skirts are separate. It is in very good condition. The inner skirt has elastic waist.
Bodyline Tote

Very good condition
Bodyline 3 piece Waloli Set

Very good condition. It is similar to this item, but in a different print (the apron is not included)
Handmade headdress $9
Handmade headbow $8

I will trade them for other classic hair accessories
Bodyline White OTK Sock

Has only been tried on indoor. Will trade with other classic socks or textured white stockings
Meta Knee high ruffle socks (4 wk repost)
Antique white $20 $18
Very good condition, has only been tried on a couple times. Will trade with other classic socks


(I will consider DS for these items if you make a good offer)

I bought it used and it is a very thick JSK with back shirring and lacing. The color is wine.
I will trade it for another red classic JSK, especially one with classic print from AATP
Mary Magdalene LS Black Blouse
I bought it used and it is in good condition. I want to trade it for another long sleeves classic blouse without any shirring. Preferred colors: black, beige, cream, brown, bordeaux
Innocent World Skirt
I bought it used and it is in good condition. The color is wine with scallop hem and white tulle. It has waist shirring and lacing in the center back. I want to trade it for another classic skirt.
Victorian Maiden Standing Collar Blouse
I bought it brand new from VM and only worn it twice. It has back lacing and the ribbon is detachable. I want to trade it with another short sleeves classic blouse in black or kinari (will consider other classic colors)

Off brand detachable sleeves blouse
This is from an offbrand Japanese store (but it is high quality) and has only been tried on but it is size M and a little too big for me. The fabric is a thicker cotton than most blouses, with heart lace trim. I want to trade it for another off-white blouse in small size and lighter fabric.

BTSSB Velour Bolero
I bought it from another owner but both of us has only tried it on. The color is wine. I want to trade it for a cream or brown classic bolero.
Offbrand 2-way Pink Boots
Size 39 (about US size 7.5-8)I have worn these several times but they are in good condition with no flaws. The quality is similar to taobao brands. They can be worn mid-calf or knee-hi. I want to trade them for a pair of classic mid-calf black boots or other classic shoes (such as Antaina Tea Party in Dark Red or Brown)
Catherine Cottage Shoes (both are 25.0)
The top one is black and the bottom is brown. They are in like new condition as I have only worn them in my room. They are a little big for me so I would like to trade for classic shoes in same colors but in size 24.5. These are made in Japan with very good quality.


Other things I am interested in (you can offer me for DS if I don't have anything you want to trade for):
- Preferred colors: Kinari (cream/beige), bordeaux, brown, navy, dusty pink
- No pastel pink, mint, lavender, pure white, OTT sweet
- Classic dresses, classic bolero, classic blouses with no shirring anywhere, classic skirt, classic hair accessories
- Floral prints, fairy tales prints, stripes
- Anything from Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Innocent World, Alice and the Pirates (especially OP/JSK with classic prints in bordeaux)
- Dresses and skirts from Juliette et Justine
- AATP's Midsummer Night's dream JSK I in Navy, Masquerade Theater OP in red or navy, Queen Coach JSK I in bordeaux
- Victorian Fairy Doll Frill Parasol in Pink

Thank you for looking! =^^=

Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, infanta, mary magdalene, metamorphose, offbrand, victorian maiden
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