merryberryjelly (merryberryjelly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: (repost) heart-shaped bag & spade-shaped bag\ cutsew

Here is my feedback. 

-I ship internationally. Shipping quote is included in the price (available for most of the Europe, North America, and Oceania countries. If you are living in other part of the world, please PM me. The price may need to be adjusted a little :)
-I have no pet and I don not smoke.
-I don't accept trade.
-I am not responisble for the lost package.
-I only accept payment via PayPal.

I''m so sorry for that I didn't remember the community rules clearly as a newcomer and forgot to reduce the price of 20%.
I have already modified the price :) Please excuse my careless mistake :)

1. Lace Residence heart-shaped bag -- SOLD


2. spade-shaped bag --$32

Both of the two bags are unused!

3. offbrand cutsew (worn two times and wash once) --$28

bust max: 90cm
waist max: 78cm
length: 58cm

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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