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DS: Blouses and socks- Meta, Bodyline, BtSSB, offbrand

☆ My feedback can be found here.
☆ All prices are in USD.
☆ Paypal only, please! I am not interested in trades.
☆ Flat rate for shipping is $5 with USPS Priority Mail. Please inquire for alternative or international shipping.
☆ I ship on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (my class schedule doesn’t give me much free time!).
☆ Items are from a non-smoking, pet-free environment. They may have a few bits of fuzz on them nonetheless, but I’ll lint-roll them to the best of my ability before shipping.
☆ All items are laundered and have been hanging in my closet for a while- they may be a bit rumpled. I can iron clothes before shipping, upon request, but they may still get wrinkled in transit.


☆ SOLD ☆
$55 + $5 shipping in US; inquire for international rates
Proof Photo
Lace detail
Bust: 38” unstretched, up to 42” with shirring
Waist: 34” unstretched, up to 41” with shirring
Meta’s ‘Tall’ size
Worn once or twice by the original owner, once by me for a two-hour fashion show. Gorgeous crown-patterned lace along collar, sleeves, and yoke. Shirred back. The color is Meta's standard cream, although it looks more like a light beige (much lighter beige than the photos indicate, though).
Includes a spare button and waist ties (not shown). Cotton.


☆ SOLD ☆
$18 + $5 shipping in US; inquire for international rates
Proof photo
With sleeves attached
Bust: 36” (measured flat)
Waist: 31” (measured flat)
Bodyline size M
Worn twice by me. Pintucks and four rows of soft cotton eyelet lace along yoke. No shirring.
I was really impressed by the quality when I received this- although not so much with the fit; the shoulders have been taken in slightly to reduce the 'linebacker' look, and the corset-lacing loops in the back have been removed. Very slight makeup staining on the inside of the collar- I’ve never tried to remove it, and it’s not visible when worn. Due to some sort of factory mishap, the detachable sleeves (included) are both left sleeves; this shouldn’t be too noticeable, but it’d be good to know!
Includes spare buttons. Cotton.


☆ SOLD ☆
$22 + $5 shipping in US; inquire for international rates
Proof photo
Collar lace detail
Cuff lace detail
Bust: 40” (measured flat)
Waist: 33” (measured flat)
Bodyline size 2L
Worn once by me for a convention. Eight rows of soft cotton lace down the front, and two around the collar, as well as ruffled lace and bow detailing on the cuffs. No shirring.
Again, the quality was surprisingly nice, but the fit was awkward, so the shoulders have been taken in slightly.
Includes spare button and detachable bow brooch (shown). Cotton.


+ $5 shipping in US; inquire for international rates

Bust: 40” max (flat)
Waist: 30” flat, up to 33” with shirring
US size L
Never worn. Very light, comfortable, and somewhat stretchy gauzy material, with slightly puffed sleeves and two panels of shirring at the waist. Color is a bright white.
I always planned to wear it under a JSK, but it would probably work well with a skirt, provided you wore a camisole underneath!
70% tencel, 30% polyester.


☆ SOLD ☆
$10 + $5 shipping in US; inquire for international rates
Proof photo
Bust: 40” (measured flat)
Waist: 40” (measured flat)
Tag says size 14
Never worn. Bought from a local vintage shop, but doesn’t have any stains that I can find. Pintucks, ruffles, and faux mother-of-pearl buttons. No shirring. The color is a dusty rose, almost a light mauve- I’m sure it would work well with classic coordinates.


☆ SOLD ☆
$10 + $5 shipping in US; inquire for international rates
Proof photo
Bust: 37” (measured flat)
Waist: 29” (measured flat)
Bought secondhand and worn once by me. White ruffles, red fabric-covered buttons, and a big bow at the waist. Secures with buttons and snaps. Two of the buttons were loose when I bought it, so I sewed them back on securely. No shirring. It’s a cotton/spandex blend, so it’s very comfortable, but the fabric feels like a bottomweight- this may be better worn as outerwear, rather than used alone as a blouse.
95% cotton, 5% spandex.


☆ SOLD ☆
$8 + $2 shipping in US; inquire for international rates
Proof photo
Marked Japanese size 22-24.
Knee-high. Worn several times by the previous owner, so they have a bit of discoloration on the soles. Never worn by me, because I found them a bit too snug for my (14”) calves. The woven pattern has glittery fibers in it!

More photos and information available upon request. Thank you!

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