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WTB: Offwhite/Cream Underdress & Victorian styled boots in cream


I am looking for a cream/antique white or off-white under dress to wear under a Victorian Maiden overdress I purchased earlier this year.
*It is like this one, but has a high cut up the front

I am looking for something like these:
but it doesn't matter what brand, as long as it is in excellent condition!

*It is the dress at the bottom of the first link, but it is in the blue floral colorway.

I would be all right with a high waisted skirt as well, but it would have to be quite high as the cut in the dress is very high.

My measurements:
Bust 86
Waist 70

Here is my feedback:
Please offer me what you can! I need this dress by the first of May!
Thank you

Tags: !wtb, any brand, victorian maiden
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