Helter Stupid. (insecurelobster) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Helter Stupid.

DS: Brand new lovely and unique jewelry, something for all styles!

I accept all forms of Paypal.
First to leave Paypal address gets the item.
+126 on eglfeedback
All items are brand new.
I will ship within two days of purchase.
Please be aware that I am unable to confirm what metals are used in this jewelery. If you have a history of sensitivity with metals, I'd advise you to stay on the safe side and not buy.
If you are interested in an already sold-out item, please tell me and I will order more!

Please refer to this photo for length and size of the items. :)

Carousel Necklace

Cute charm in red, white and gold!

$14.00 shipped within the US, $19.00 internationally

Teapot Bracelet

Adorable bracelet on an elastic band. This would work best for smaller wrists.

$12.50 shipped within the US, $17.00 internationally

Coffin Necklace

Elegant coffin charm with a working lid.

$14.00 shipped within the US, $17.00 internationally

Birdcage Girl Necklace

A unique charm with a woman in a birdcage catching birds.

$14.00 shipped within the US, $17.00 internationally
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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