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AC: Art commission auction for Japan

Hello everyone! Some of you might already be familiar with the community [info]help_japan - if not, I recommend checking it out! It's a community where artists, writers, crafters, and pretty much anyone are auctioning off things to raise money to aid Japan. Absolutely 100% of the proceeds will be going to the winner's charity of choice, as the winner donates directly to the charity if they win in the auction. :)

I'm participating in
[info]help_japan in a couple of different auctions, but the one relevant to this community is for a digital lolita portrait commission! Here's an example of my work:

And a few more -
milky berry, wonder cookie, dreaming macaron, fruits parlour

I'll draw a portrait of the winner (or a friend, a fanart character, an original character, whatever) in lolita fashion. I love doing complicated prints!

The auction ends on March 26.

Bid here! ♡

Thank you for reading, and thank you so much if you decide to bid to help Japan.

My EGL feedback page

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