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DS/DT: Angelic Pretty Onepiece, BodyLine Skirt & Blouse, Sex Pot Sweater & Shorts

Feedback - http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1208356.html

- All items come from a pet-free & smoke-free home
- All items DO NOT include shipping
- I will ship worldwide
- I can only ship on Saturdays
- I accept Paypal only
- If you feel any of my pricing is unfair or too high, make an offer, the worst I can do is say no.
- I am open to trades/partial trades so show me what you've got. Worst I can do is say no.


Angelic Pretty Onepiece - $65

Additional Photos
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5137/5513906644_115a95d271.jpg
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5219/5513906860_f58fecb341.jpg
One piece dress by Angelic Pretty. I think I'm the 3rd owner of this dress. If I followed right the 1st owner never wore it, the 2nd owner (a friend of mine) wore it a few times, and I've worn it about twice. It needs a trip to the cleaners at present, so there may be a tiny delay in shipping it out if someone buys it right away. It has shirring in the front, a built in petticoat and comes with a matching tie on choker (which can easily double as a headdress if you prefer it as such).

Measurements - AP one size
~flat measurements coming soon


BodyLine Skirt - $30 - SOLD
Lovely skirt from bodyline, it was just too small in the waist for me. I squeezed myself into it once so it's been worn once, but it's hung in my closet for nearly a year not being worn. It will also come with a pin on bow no pictured. It was not with the skirt but I think it's with my hair accessories so I will find it before shipping.
Measurements from Bodyline:
Length 57cm
Waist 64-74cm


BodyLine Blouse - $25 - SOLD
Additional photos
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5138/5513312849_671017f24f.jpg
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5095/5513908668_de180f1558.jpg
Black blouse from bodyline. New with tags. I bought this about a year ago and it has been tired on by me and one friend but it was too small for either of us. It has spent most of the year folded up in it's bag until I went looking for it to find it to sell and it somehow found it's way out of the packaging and onto my closet floor where it picked up some lint. It looks pretty shabby but a good pressing and a lint brush or a trip to the cleaners and it'd be right as rain. I haven't seen this one on the BL site in a little while so I was unable to pull the measurements from the site.
Measurements - BodyLine size M
~flat measurements coming soon


Sex Pot Revenge Culotte Shorts - $65 SOLD
Additional Photos
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5217/5513907764_478db78742.jpg
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5055/5513311943_6215741880.jpg
Really awesome culotte shorts by SPR. Bought these maybe 4ish years ago through CDJapan. Have worn them about 3-4 times. They come with a satin tie belt though I've only maybe used it once with wear. Really cool clothing piece made with awesome fabrics.
Measurements- SPR size M
- waist - 82cm/just over 32in
- hips - MAX 107cm/42in <---- this was about what I got measuring around the pants and it matched up to my hip measurement...if this is your measurement be warned they will fit but really tightly
- length - short pants side 30cm/12in


Sex Pot Revenge Sweater - $55 - SOLD
Additional images
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5176/5513311309_8d4f7c1d69.jpg
- http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5214/5513907224_a90a0bea97.jpg (warning for curse words)
Super awesome sweater from SPR. Bought this about 4~5 years ago through CDJapan. Have worn it a few times a year and always get great compliments about it's coolness. However one thing that has always bothered me about it is one of the front patches that sports some publicly inappropriate curse words (refer to additional photos). I probably would not have bought it if there had been better photos of that patch so this is why I warn for interested parties to take a look at it. It's still in great condition and has served me well but I have another sweater I tend to lean towards these days when I'm gonna wear a punkish sweater so this one needs a new home.
Measurements - SPR size M but I feel like it's mostly free size since it's as bulky but ~flat measurements coming soon.

Thanks for looking!
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